Digital Transformation EXPO

DTX is your home of digital transformation. No matter where you are on your journey, we’ll go further together. We’ll provide everything you need to know about the best IT strategies, brands and solutions to futureproof your organisation, modernise your technology stack and enable the future of work.

We’re proud to have evolved in pace with Enterprise IT since 2005(!)

Then, we were called IP EXPO and we’ve been the UK’s leading event for IT teams and leaders ever since.

We moved from building modern networks, to implementing cloud solutions and since 2015 have also led the discussions on cyber security, data analytics and more recently automation and AI.

In 2019 we rebranded to Digital Transformation EXPO…and in 2020, well, everyone should now understand why. We didn’t see COVID coming, but we did know Digital Transformation was going to be huge!

For any DTX newbies, you can expect to get hands on with over 200 brands showcasing the latest tech for:


And more...

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