Our Manifesto

Our purpose at DTX 360 is simple… to help you on your digital transformation journey!

We connect the dots to save you time and help you to make the best decisions. We provide access to hundreds of experts who will light the path to success.

Why do we exist?

McKinsey report stated that while 8 out of 10 survey respondents have undertaken Digital Transformation (DX) projects in the last 5 years, less than 30% have been successful. So, the challenge for businesses like yours is clear; DX is inevitable, and it presents a great opportunity… BUT there is a huge amount of technical, cultural and business change needed to make it work.

Staying ahead of the game is hard work, especially with the pace of change. The good news is, we’re here to help!

Join us on the journey as we unlock the power of technology and help you to prepare for the future of work.

Our background (and future)

We’ve been supporting enterprise IT since 2005 when we launched IP EXPO. For 17 years, our events have helped thousands of organisations build modern IT tech stacks and security infrastructures for a digital world.

In 2019, digital transformation moved beyond being a buzzword. It was being discussed more broadly across all organisations. With this, we rebranded to Digital Transformation EXPO (DTX), bringing C-Suite and other new stakeholders into the conversation.

Whilst we were arguably ahead of the game on the name change, we didn’t see COVID coming… BUT that has only accelerated the importance and need for our events, insights, and connections services.  

The NOW factor

We focus on the ‘Now Factor’, showcasing the latest technology that you need to start planning for today. 

Our horizon is 2 years, not 3-5.

At DTX, the world’s leading brands and experts explain how to modernise your technology stack and build an effective and healthy digital culture for a new era.

We’re experts in connecting businesses like yours with the information, people and technology that they need, right now.

Join our community to keep ahead of the curve.

The perfect partnership

To meet booming demand for collaboration tools and unified communications (UC), DTX is now co-located with UC EXPO (UCX). UCX is our sister event and Europe's largest UC event. From video conferencing and messaging software, to AV, hardware and equipment, we’ve got everything you need under one roof; including the networks, cloud and security infrastructure that you’ll need to install.

We are more than a technology event. We help to build modern businesses

We lean into building an effective, healthy digital culture.

Technology itself is not a silver bullet and we think it’s important to educate every stakeholder in an organisation. We unashamedly prioritise what IT Teams need, but increasingly we bring in business leaders and heads of department (Line of Business) who are critical to building a modern, digitally-savvy business.

Check out some of our previous and upcoming headline acts: